Counselling of Childless Couples
Andrological Consultation
Super ovulation
Intrauterine Insemination
Sperm Retrieval Technique – TESA, PESA
IVF-ET (Test Tube Baby)
ICSI (Micro manipulation)
Oocyte Donation, Embryo Donation
Treatment for male infertility
Third Party Reproduction – Surrogacy
Repeated IVF failures

Semen freezing
Embryo Freezing
Hormonal Assays
Management of recuurent abortions
Obstetric services (normal & ceaserean delivery)
All Gynaec surgeries like hysterectomy, myomectomy etc.

Below listed are some of them

Operative Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy 

In out Operative hystero Laparoscopy setup we have excised multiple myomas from the uterus,   excised and fulgurated advanced endometriosis, done ovarian drilling for PCOS, treated ectopic  pregnancies and repaired uterine anomalies.

Using hysteroscopy. We have excised uterine septae, submucous myomas and done hysteroscopy   uterine calculation.
Many of these patients have then gone on to conceive spontaneously after operative hysterolaparoscopy

Advanced fertility enhancing laparoscopic surgeries are performed on a regular basis.

Super Ovulation with IUI (Intra uterine insemination)

In this method the ovary is stimulated to produce multiple eggs using hormone injections, When the follicle ruptures and eggs released, washed capacitated sperms (husband’s) are put in to the uterus (that is intrauterine insemination) We have maximum Pregnancies using this technique and it is recommended as first line treatment in patients whose tube are patent and sperm counts are normal

IVF – ET (lnvitro fertilisation and embryo transfer)

This was a breakthrough in infertility treatment. The eggs are retreived by vaginal route (Ultra sound guided ovum pickup) and invitro insemination is done with washed sperm in the laboratory.

Fertilization is achieved within 24 hours, Day 3 embryo transfer is done and the 4 to 8 cell embryos are carefully placed back in to the uterus.

ICSI (intra Cytoplasmic Sperm injection)

This technique has revolutionized treatment of male factor sterility.

A single sperm is injected in to the oocyte using a robotic micromanipulator to achieve fertilization.

Impossible cases have become pregnant using the above techniques.

Even in patients with nil sperms we can retrieve few sperms from the testis using methods such as PESA (Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration, MESA (Micro epididymal sperm aspiration) and TESE (Testicular sperm extraction)

Blastocyst Stage Embryo Transfer

A recent advance in infertility treatment involves growing human embryos in the laboratory to a later “blastocyst” stage before transferring them into the uterus following in vitro fertilization.

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