About Our IVF Lab


Shrishti IVF lab is stocked with state-of-the-art technology

Advanced technology , Embryo safety

Every detail of our laboratory was selected to maximize your chances of pregnancy. The IVF lab is located in the heart of our facility and is separated from the rest of the facility by an air lock.

Doctors Dr. Jayanti Kamat and Dr. Manmohan Kamat , along with Laboratory Directors took whole one year to plan the design of the IVF lab as a “clean room,” with specialized high-pressure air flow to ensure superb air quality conditions to grow human embryos.

The air filters remove any potential particles, odors or vapors that can prove toxic to embryos. Even the paint on the walls, the glue in the flooring and the cabinetry was selected to keep harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to a minimum.

Our Priority Measures & Procedure

1 :- Advanced Technology

2 :- Embryo Safety

Advanced Technology

We carefully selected every piece of equipment, from medically certified gas lines to an antivibration table for micromanipulation procedures.

The lab is stocked with state-of-the-art technology that allows the team to micromanipulate gametes and embryos with techniques such as ICSI (to promote fertilization), blastocyst large  (to increase pregnancy rates), and embryo biopsy (for genetic testing).

We use the most up-to-date technique for freezing embryos, known as vitrification, which has shown to increase the survival rate of thawed embryos.

Finally, the lab layout is specifically designed so we won’t have to transport embryos any significant distances at any point in the IVF process.

Embryo Safety

We also implement numerous security measures and equipment alarms to ensure the safety of our embryos and safeguard against technical problems that could compromise embryo viability.

After the construction of the lab was complete, we conducted rigorous air quality control and equipment tests for several months, all prior to starting our IVF program with patients, to ensure that we could deliver the highest possible chance of pregnancy.

Repeated testing has shown the air quality in these rooms exceeds hospital standards for operating rooms.

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